"A well written book with relevant content for young readers!  There are real-life lessons in peer pressure for our youth in this country.  I recommend this book to be included in our schools' curriculum."  

- Fred Bounasissi, Philadelphia Newspapers

"Deirdrie LoVerso is a very talented writer.  Jade Made Me Do It! is a story that shows accountability and responsibility to its reader.  The storyline brings out key facts as to how to deal with everyday peer pressures."

- Chris Collins, CEO/Editor-In-Chief
Collins Media USA, Anointed News Journal

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Like what you see so far?  Enjoy an excerpt from 'Jade Made Me Do It!' below.

Come with me.  I have a great idea.”  Jade led her best friend to a quiet cul-de-sac around the corner.  “Get those white stones over there,” ordered Jade.  Angel picked up three stones that were lying near a small hill of mulch.  Jade stooped down next to Angel.  

“Now, tell me all of the bad words you can think of… really bad words.”  Angel thought for a moment.  “Ah, let’s see… dumb, stupid, ugly, stinky, doo-doo, poop…”  Jade said, “That’s good.  But, think of some words even worse than those.  Come, follow me.”  Jade led her down the block. “Well, I can think of some very bad words that I heard some teenagers say.  I could get in a lot of trouble if anyone hears me say them.”  Angel explained.  Jade had a sneaky look on her face.  Angel knew that look all too well.  For, whenever Jade had this look on her face she was up to no good.

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