Deirdrie started her life in New York.  She grew up in a loving household. Oblivious to the fact that her parents were of differing physical hues (her dad having a mocha hue and her mother having a fair to white hue, depending upon the time of year).  She never actually gave that any thought.  To this day, she only prides herself on the fact that both of her parents love her and are intellectuals, for she prides herself on her intellect more than any of her physical attributes (for many have complemented her outer appearance but feels that a big brain is very sexy!).  Growing up, academics was important to her, but she never actually put effort into making good grades.  This meant that sometimes she would be on the A-B honor roll and sometimes she would slip to a C. By third grade she was being tested to see if she was a genius.  Well, she at least tested high enough to be accepted into the gifted program where she was acknowledged for having a higher than average I.Q.  She was happy and proud about this, but she just went on being herself.  Nothing changed.  She knew she was smart but never thought she was better than anyone else because she was usually surrounded by other intellectuals.  So, conceit was never something she displayed.  Nonetheless, those who weren't in her circle would beg to differ.

Deirdrie always considered herself humble and nice.  But, being a daddy's girl and having him to dote on her, self-esteem was never an issue.  Her many talents, intelligence, and quickly acquired skills automatically gave her a certain sense of confidence.  Not to mention, her eloquence made her a target for accusations of being conceited.  Think of Barak Obama, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Vanessa Williams, Whoopie Goldberg, Denzel Washington, or Kerry Washington.  They're very poised, intelligent, and articulate.  Sometimes people who don't know them may peg them for being arrogant or conceited.  It's due to stereotypes that most people have of others and the unconscious desire to put everyone into a box; a box that the aforementioned people, as well as Deirdrie LoVerso , do not or cannot fit into.  With Deirdrie falling into such a category and being proudly eccentric, she is a bit of an anomaly.  As a child, girls didn't always like her and as an adult many women don't like her.  They are intimidated, intrigued, and perplexed by her.  Males usually love her!  99% of her female and male bosses have loved her! Co-workers; not so much (as they saw her as a threat since the bosses liked her).  All of this has made her enjoy being a loner.  

When you're an author, being a loner is definitely a GOOD thing!  You need lots of quiet time to concentrate, create, and focus on that new book's concept.  When you're a singer and songwriter, you need the same.

Deirdrie's family moved to Georgia, then to Florida and, eventually, back to New York.  She spent most of her days having the liberty to sing and dance at home since hers was always a very musical home.  Her dad was signed as a Capitol Records recording artist before she was born.  She seemed to natually learn  how to write songs.  Her mother, always working a corporate job and holding a position in the district attorney's office, was highly supportive of Deirdrie's talents.  She totally supported her honing her talents by enrolling her in a ballet, tap, and jazz dance school (like many mothers), two New York acting schools, letting her join the choir in two churches and her elementary and high school chorus.  Her parents supported and encouraged her as she auditioned for and was accepted in her high school's talent shows and (the late) Hal Jackson's Talented Teens competition.  

Deirdrie's childhood dream was to become a lawyer, architect, singer, model, or actress.  As fate (or deliberate choice) would have it, after enrolling in college and living on campus at CW Post's Long Island University, she married.  Five years later she became a mother and had to put those career goals on the back burner.  Fast-forward to 2009; she became a self-published author.  Fast-forward to 2018; she has authored 3 separate books and has her own offspring in college!

She has had a bumpy life's journey but is optimistic and has learned a lot.  She is much wiser, still has her many talents, and chooses to utilize what she has.  She knows that those who persecute her do so because of their own insecurities, pain, and misconceptions about those who actually do have supportive people in their lives.  Her ultimate life's goal is to be self-employed and as self-sufficient as possible.  Deirdrie uses her skills and talents to help others and bring joy and smiles to people when they need it most. 

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